You are in this business because you provide services like none other. You are good at what you do. You know your product and service inside out.

However, your prospects and visitors to you site may not know what it is that you really do. So, this page is the perfect place to give them an overview of your different services and the benefits they provide.

Why Choose Us?

Of course this a question that is in the minds of every one of your prospects. Why should they choose you to provide these services? Be sure to share whatever you can to prove that your services are the best.

  • Use photos of you and your team at work
  • Share videos
  • Give your top 3 reasons

Our Services

Outline your top services here. You do not need to go into to detail but you will want to give an overview of each of your services with a link to that service page.

Here’s an example:

Pre-School and Kinder/1st grade – Ballet and Tap Combo
We explore the very basic concepts of the classical forms of the dance, and develop gross and fine motor skills, coordination, strength and rhythm. This class will perform a ballet dance and a tap dance in our Spring recital. <link to service 2 page>

Musical Theatre – 6 years old and up
Musical Theatre combines the arts of dance, drama and singing in one fun-filled activity! Musical Theatre class is primarily a character jazz dance class with elements of acting and singing mixed in with the dancing. Musical Theatre classes work toward several performances throughout the year- in the community and at the Spring recital. <link to service 2 page>

Hip Hop – 5 years old and up
Dancers will explore popular, ever-changing dance moves to “hip-hop” (age appropriate) music. This is an energetic, fun dance form combining athleticism, agility, rhythm and moves found in many music videos and other popular performance pieces. <link to service 3 page>


End this section with a clear call-to-action. Maybe a free consultation, or a valuable PDF for them to download.

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