Retirement Homes

Jan 28, 2017


  • New Company shirts (you will get them before Showcase)
  • New Steppin’ Time capris
  • Tan jazz shoes or black tap shoes (no contemporary or hip hop shoes, or other colored shoes, and no one will dance barefoot)
  • Hair should be neatly pulled back. Any hair accessories should be black.
  • NO stage make-up. Normal make-up for older girls and light make-up if you wish for younger girls.
  • Please remember to dress warm if it’s really cold! Your muscles will thank you!

*We will meet outside or just inside the facility, stretch, get in order, etc.
**After the performance the girls are instructed to go throughout the audience and greet each guest, thanking them for coming. Sometimes the places provide juice and cookies, etc.
***If your child is scheduled to perform at both places in the morning, they should either go where their solo is scheduled or we will instruct you on which to attend.


Group 1-
10:00 (tentative) Meet at Copperfield Estates; 16820 W Rd, Houston, TX 77095
10:30am Perform/meet & greet afterwards

Group 2-
10:00am Meet at Avanti Senior Living; 17808 Lakecrest Drive, Cypress, TX 77433
10:30am Perform/meet & greet afterwards

Big/Lil Sis Lunch
Fuddruckers Willowbrook
7511 FM 1960 West
Houston, TX 77070

1:30 Meet at Brookdale Champions; 14050 Cutten Road, Houston, TX 77069
2:00 Perform/meet & greet afterwards

Show order

Group 1- AM show at Copperfield Estates
1. Never Settle
2. Reilly
3. Rugrats
4. Emily
5. Rachel
6. Gracie
7. She’s in Love
8. Layla
9. Elizabeth
10. Janae
11. Buenos Aires

Group 2- AM show at Avanti Senior Living
1. Zzz’s With My Besties
2. Kaitlyn
3. Madeline
4. Happy Being Me
5. Cam (mth)
6. Slow Down
7. Taylor
8. Haley
9. Harper
10. Stepsister’s Lament
11. Addie
12. Kaylee
13. Pre Comp
14. Hannah (mth)
15. You’re in the Band

Full Company- PM show
1. Will You Be There
2. Rugrats
3. Allison
4. Zzz’s with my Besties
5. Averiana
6. She’s in Love
7. I Got a Woman
8. Hannah (lyrical)
9. Groove is in the Heart
10. pre-comp
11. Cam (hh)
12. Happy Being Me
13. Lucy
14. Betty Lou
15. Never Settle
16. Regan
17. You’re in the Band

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