Miss Jamie’s Packing List

Miss Jamie’s Competition Packing List

o All Costumes marked with dancers initials
o Tights (including extra tights)
o Dance shoes with initials marked inside them
o Costume Accessories
o Earrings
o Hair piece
o Gloves
o Bloomers
o Other???
o Purple Steppin Time Company Jacket

Make Up
o Eye shadow
o Lipstick
o Mascara
o Blush
o Eyeliner
o Foundation/powder (If your dancer needs it)
o Mirror
o Baby wipes. These work great for any mishaps that may pop up and for removing make-up after we’re finished.

Hair Stuff
o Bobbi pins
o Hairbrush/comb
o Hair nets
o Bun maker
o Hair ties
o Hairspray or Gel

Emergency Kit
o Double sided tape
o Safety pins
o Sewing kit with thread that matches costume color
o Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Motrin, ect. Whatever works best for you and your dancer! Also any special medication that your dancer may need.
o Band-Aids
o Tissues
o Cotton balls and Q-Tips

o Water and Juice with straws!

Snacks for before and after dancing! Please remember to completely cover your costume while eating!

Blanket and Pillow. Competition is a long day! Letting your dancer lay down and relax is a great idea! It can also be cold in the theatre.

Steppin Time Apparel and Sweatpants. This is great for after dancing and waiting for awards. Much more comfortable than a costume! Moms also tend to wear Steppin Time merchandise to competition to support their dancers as well!

Something to occupy younger dancers and siblings. We prefer for the girls to watch the other dancers on stage, but understand that can be hard for everyone. Please consider the theatre is dark and there are performers on stage so no toys or games that make noise.

Good attitudes and positive energy! Competition days are stressful for everyone, including moms! We are all a team and here to support each other! This includes watching out for other dancers!

Please keep in mind that you may see things at competition that you may not agree with. It could be anything from a costume, choreography, a song choice or even the way another parent is speaking to their child. Remember to keep all comments to yourself until you are in the car or at home. Also, refrain from speaking about dances in public places such as restaurants. You never know whose parents are sitting at the table across from you!!

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