Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We charge based on the amount of time a student spends in class each week. The average monthly tuition for a student taking one class per week is $72 per month. A student taking 4 classes, might be in the studio for 3 hours per week, and their monthly tuition might be $142 per month. For exact tuition based on what your child(ren) would like to take, please ask the desk.

Can my dancer try a class before we commit?

We offer a 100% refundable trial class. Classes are in high demand and often fill before a student has a chance to complete their trial class, therefore everyone must sign up and pay registration and first month’s tuition in order to reserve their spot. After your dancer’s first class, you can let us know within 48 hours that you have changed your mind and all fees will be refunded.

Why is tuition the same every month even if classes are missed for holidays?

Tuition is pro-rated for 35 classes over the 10 month season and divided into 10 equal payments. Students are intended to be enrolled for all 10 months and only the first month will be pro-rated for students who join mid-year.

Is my pre-schooler ready for dance class?

Once a student is 2 years old, if they are ready to follow simple directions and be away from mom for 30 minutes, they are ready for creative movement! At 3 years old and FULLY potty-trained, they are ready to start ballet/tap or hippity hop class. At this age, students are ready to learn how a classroom works, to listen to the teacher, take turns and follow direction. Dance is a great way to introduce the structure of a classroom! Although your child may be resistant to the structure or seem disinterested in following directions at first, they will soon learn that they can have fun while they are following along.

What do you do in a pre-school class?

Creative movement classes learn basic ballet technique, stretching and class etiquette along with silly games and fun dances. Pre-school classes learn all that as well as tap technique. All classes are tailored to the needs and ability of the class so as not to frustrate or bore students.

How many students are in a class?

6-16 students per class with one or two teachers depending on what the class requires.

Can I sit in the room to watch?

No. We have a large viewing window for parents to observe. Several times throughout the year parents are invited in at the end of class to provide an audience.

What is the dress code? What colors do you require?

We will provide a policies-and-procedures guide with full dress code description. All students are required to wear their hair pulled out of their face. For ballet, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre and all competition classes, students must wear a leotard and tights. Hip Hop and tap classes may wear any dance or athletic attire- no school clothes. We require pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, tan canvas contemporary shoes. Shoes for musical theatre, hip-hop, and competition teams will be announced with costumes or before.

What if we change our mind?

All fees are non-refundable. You may terminate your enrollment at the end of any month by signing a form in the office and you will not be charged any further fees.

Do you do a recital?

Yes, we have an annual formal recital at the end of the spring semester- late May or early June.

Is recital mandatory?

We strongly encourage but do not require recital. A recital is a great way for the dancers to celebrate and show off everything they have learned throughout the year! All children will participate equally in class (not extra rehearsals) even if they are not participating in recital.

How much does recital cost?

The recital fee was $105 for the 2017 recital. We do not anticipate a change for 2018. This fee covers the cost of renting the theatre and putting on the show. Tickets are free. Costume fees vary by class. Each different style of dance your child does will require its own costume- $70-90.

Do you have a competition team?

Yes, audition by invitation is required to join these groups. We audition in spring for the following year. New students are added to the competition group only before summer choreography camp. New students who wish to compete in the future should join ballet, jazz, and musical theatre class to prepare for the next competition season and speak to their teacher for consideration.

Can I schedule private lessons instead of taking a class?

All students must be enrolled in a class. Help sessions and private lessons may be scheduled in addition to the class.

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