Dress Rehersal Hair and Makeup

Please review the hair and makeup specifics for each individual dance below and arrive at dress rehearsal as if ready for a performance. Please remember that dress rehearsal is just a trial, so just try your best! We will review all of the girls’ hair/makeup during these rehearsals and give you some feedback and more instruction if necessary.

Make-up instruction for all dancers (unless otherwise directed for lip color):

Black eyeliner/mascara, brown eye shadow, pink blush (should be a shade naturally pretty on the dancer, but heavy and blended), saturated lip color (a shade or two darker than natural but not red unless specified)

This tutorial is a little more in depth than we tend to go with our make-up, but gives a good general idea. Pre-adolescent dancers do not need to wear primer or foundation, and only shooting stars need to wear false eyelashes (optional for all other companies). There are a lot of product suggestions- we do not have any opinion on those products.


In all hair styles, please make sure all hair is securely pinned and sprayed, with no whispies or small hairs sticking out. All dances (with the exception of Space Jam) will wear a front bump with their hair style. Please see link for bump tutorial below:

Hair Bump:

Shooting Star (Jan 9th)

**All shooting stars please add false eyelashes to make-up. It is very important to do this for dress rehearsal for the dancer to get used to them! The makeup tutorial includes false eyelashes, but if you need further instruction YouTube is filled with tutorials!

Apres Moi (modern) – Bump, high bun
Try (lyrical) – Bump, low ponytail
You’re So Beautiful (jazz) – Bump, high ponytail
Omigod (musical theater) – Bump, super high curly ponytail *bright pink lips
Mambo #5 (tap) – Bump, high slightly teased ponytail *dark lips (deep red, maroon or purple)

Rising Star (Jan 9th)

Coffee Break (musical theater) – Bump, high curly ponytail *bright red lips
He’s Sure the Boy I Love (tap) – Bump, high curly ponytail
How Are You Doing (lyrical) – Bump, high curly ponytail

Twinkle Star (Jan 13th)

Thneedville (musical theater) – Bump, high curly ponytail

Hip Hop (Jan 8th)

Bridal Party (Dear Future Husband)- Bump, bun-mohawk
Click on this link for a tutorial:
Space Jam- any hair style pulled away from the face, changes may be made at dress rehearsal
Lil’ Rockstars- Bump, high curly pony tail

SOLOS/DUET – Please speak with your choreographer about hair/makeup specifics.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you all at dress rehearsals!

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