Competition Weekends


Dates can be found on your company calendar
Locations will be announced as soon as we know them
Times will be announced 4-10 days ahead of time- as soon as we know

Competition weekends can look drastically different from event to event. The competition will not release a schedule until about a week before the event, and there is nothing we can do to change the performance or awards schedule. As soon as we receive the assigned performance times we will release a schedule that looks something like this… EXAMPLE ONLY

12 o’clock Twinkle Stars call time
1 PM Twinkle Stars dressed and ready to dance
2PM Twinkle Stars performance time
4:30PM Awards

Call Time
You will always be called 2 hours ahead of your performance time (unless it is one of the first performance times of the day and then you’ll be called about 15 minutes before doors open). This is extremely important because competitions are often 30-60 minutes away- traffic can significantly affect your arrival time. It also gives you an opportunity to arrive at the venue, look in her dance bag, realize you forgot something and run to the store to replace or call Dad to bring it, etc.

Before the Performance
Competitions require that we are dressed and ready to dance one hour before the performance time that they assign. It is not uncommon for a dance to go on up to an hour early or an hour later than the performance time, or any time in between. With most competitions teachers will have a good idea of how the day is running and will have a reasonable expectation of when you’ll perform by the time you arrive. She will want all of the dancers to gather about 30 minutes head of when they perform. We’ll give moms a chance to take pictures, then give the girls a pep talk, possible run through the dance in a hallway and we have to go back stage about 10 minutes before they will perform.

A Steppin Time teacher will escort the girls backstage. Parents or any other non-dancer, non-teachers are NOT ALLOWED BACK STAGE per competition rules.

In the Audience
Family and others who wish to come and support should arrive at least one hour prior to performance time and plan to stay for at least 2 hours. Snacks and games for little ones are advised! Jackets are advised for all. The competition will sell programs which sometimes help you follow along and know when your girls will be on stage. We will try to use the remind 101 app to send parents a text message update, but things can change quickly so our information is not always accurate. It’s best to just pay attention as soon as the girls go back stage!

After the Performance
After the performance, we’ll meet in the side hallway of the auditorium. You are in charge of your dancer after this point! Please change out of costume before eating anything. If you have another performance before awards, you should be ready an hour ahead of time or immediately after your first performance (whichever is last). If there are other Steppin Time performances before awards, we appreciate you staying to cheer on your daughter’s teammates. If not, you are free to leave until awards. We expect dancers to be back for awards 30 minutes before their scheduled time. We will us Remind 101 to send a text if it is running earlier than that.

Students are required to attend awards. Every award ceremony is different, but they are all long and boring. I do not recommend brothers/grandparents/etc staying for awards.

Competition Etiquette

Supporting your dancer at competition is a huge part of her positive experience! It is sometimes difficult for family members and friends to attend competitions because it is a long day and the events are often far away. We encourage all dancers to support any Steppin Time dance that is performing during the time that they are required to be at the competition venue. We especially encourage big and little sisters to support each other.

Cheering before and after a dance is always encouraged. During contemporary/lyrical/modern dances, cheering is not advised during the routine. During musical theatre/hip hop/jazz routines, please cheer during the routine for sassy or high attitude sections of the dance.
Cheering for routines from other studios is always encouraged and surely appreciated by the dancers on stage. We also encourage our dancers to wish other teams luck as they go on stage and congratulate them as they come off. Our girls are very good at this and it makes us very proud!!!

It is important to note that Steppin Time is a very conservative dance studio and as this may be your first window into the greater world of competition dance. You will probably see some things that will surprise you and that you may disagree with- skimpy costumes, suggestive dance routines and inappropriate music or subject matter. The universal rule is “You never talk about the show while you are in the theatre.” You may think you are being quiet or saying something that everyone will agree with, but plenty of people in this setting will have a different opinion and someone may overhear you. The teachers who put that dance on stage are very proud of their students’ and their own work, the other dancers from that studio are very proud of their friends, and there are parents, family, friends of those dancers who are very proud of their dancer and may see nothing wrong with the way they were presented.

We understand that it is hard to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself sometimes and you may want camaraderie with another parent who is probably shocked as well. We, as teachers, often have trouble with this as well. We suggest texting someone who may be near you and witnessing the same thing. A few years ago a group of parents came up with a code word that they would text to each other or whisper in these situations.

We will go over these guidelines with dancers as we approach each competition and we appreciate you both leading by example and reminding your daughter of these guidelines as well. It makes a great conversation on the ride there! After the fact, you may want to discuss these dances/costumes/etc with your daughter and what your expectations are. Please wait until you are in the privacy of your own car, home or our home studio to discuss this. Please do not discuss at restaurants or other places around the event as there may be other dancers and their families around.

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