Rising Star Hair/Makeup and Costume Notes

Berry Lip ColorMake-up instruction for all dancers (unless otherwise directed for lip color):

Black eyeliner/mascara, brown eye shadow, pink blush (should be a shade naturally pretty on the dancer, but heavy and blended), and berry lip color (see picture to the right).

In all hair styles, please make sure all hair is securely pinned and sprayed, with no whispies or small hairs sticking out. All dances will wear a front bump with their hair style. Please see video for bump tutorial below:

Hair Bump:


Groove is in the Heart

· Bump, high curly/teased ponytail
· Necklace should sit on the collar bones, not quite as tight as a choker
· Tuck tails into shorts

Slow Down

· Bump, high bun
· NEW HAIR PIECE – Bow under the bun. Will be passed out soon (along with a picture demonstrating placement)
· Stirrup tights over lyrical shoes

You’re in the Band

· Bump, high curly/teased ponytail – with red hair extensions
· Be sure the pin the extensions!
· Tack the suspenders to the leotard using bra hooks/snaps/etc..

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