Hip Hop Hair/Makeup and Costume Notes

Berry Lip ColorMake-up instruction for all dancers (unless otherwise directed for lip color):

Black eyeliner/mascara, brown eye shadow, pink blush (should be a shade naturally pretty on the dancer, but heavy and blended), and berry lip color (see picture to the right).

In all hair styles, please make sure all hair is securely pinned and sprayed, with no whispies or small hairs sticking out. All dances will wear a front bump with their hair style. Please see video for bump tutorial below:

Hair Bump:


Happy Being Me

· Bump, high curly/teased pigtails
· Only black no show socks or no socks. Tights are optional.

Never Settle

· Bump, high curly/teased ponytail
· The ponytail should not be obviously curled, but more on the teased side to better suit the style of their dance
· Tan tights! No panties
· Socks optional (must be no show black socks)
· No head bands
· Black sports bra, thin straps with a racer back

Zzz’s with my Besties

· Bump, every dancer has a different style (must be pulled back and secured out of face)
· Sofia – low side ponytail (either side)
· Addie – high ponytail
· Jazelle – side french braid/braided style
· Cassidy – pigtails (straight or curly)
· Julia – braided pigtails
· No show white socks


· Bump, High, curly pigtails
· Tan tights – no black booty shorts needed
· Socks – still trouble shooting sock situation and will send update ASAP when resolved

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