2018 Recital Videos

Friday AM Tap

Friday AM Ballet

Wednesday Kinder Tap

Wednesday Kinder Ballet

Friday AM Hippity Hop

Suzanne Thurs Pm Tap: Happy Feet

Suzanne Kinder Tues Tap: 5 6 7 8

Suzanne Thurs Pm Ballet: Be My Little Bumblebee

Suzanne Tues Am Ballet: Fly to your Heart

Suzanne Tues Am Tap: Ladybug

Suzanne Creative Movement: Princess Pokey

Suzanne Kinder Tues Ballet: Strong

Leila Wednesday AM Pre-k ballet A Perfect Day

Leila Wednesday AM pre K tap

Leila Wednesday AM CM Friendship is the Formula

Miss Heather’s Wednesday Kinder/pre-k ballet

Miss Heather’s Wed Kinder/pre-k tap

Miss Heather’s Saturday pre-k ballet

Miss Heather’s Saturday pre-k tap

Party at Mickey’s House

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