2013 Dance Company Auditions!


Saturday, April 27

Parent’s Meeting and Student Warm Up 2:45pm

Rising Star Audition 3-4pm (All auditionees must attend this hour.)

Shooting Star Audition 4-6pm

To bring:

*Audition form, signed stating that you read and understood this contract.

*a copy of your child’s birth certificate. (Required by some competitions.)

Dress Code: Please wear tight fitting dance clothes- leotard and tights, or tight tank top with tights and booty shorts or pants that are tight fitting through the knee. Dancers barefoot for the Rising Star audition and have appropriate dance shoes for the Shooting Star audition.

Purpose of the Audition?

The purpose of the audition is to assess the dancers abilities and place them with the appropriate group. Some dancers who audition for the Shooting Star company will be recommended for the Rising Star company while they gain more experience. Everyone is welcome to join the Rising Star company! Auditions will also help us know the level of the dancers as we start thinking about dances and choreographing this summer.


Rising Star Audition

We will learn a short combination and dancers will be split into groups to perform the combination for the “judges.” (Miss Jill, Miss Jamie and Miss Katie) Dancers will be put into several different groups and asked to perform many times. Auditions will be videotaped.

Yes, all dancers must attend the Rising Star audition before we begin the Shooting Star audition.


Shooting Star Audition

We will learn challenging combinations to include ballet, contemporary, jazz and musical theatre. Students will perform in many different groups as we assess each different style we are considering. Auditions will be videotaped.

Those wishing to audition for tap will stay for a short tap combination.


Audition Prep Classes

Audition Prep Classes mimic the Leaps and Turns class that Shooting Star company members are required to take during the year. It is meant to help students who plan to audition for the Shooting Star company but anyone could benefit from them and anyone is welcome to attend. Classes are $10 each if you sign up ahead of time, $15 at the door.

Friday, March 22 6:15-7:15 pm

Saturday, April 6 10-11 am

Friday, April 19 6:15-7:15 pm

Friday, April 26 6:15-7:15 pm 


*** What if you can’t make it to the audition?

Please see Miss Jill. Make up auditions must be arranged before auditions take place. In the case of an emergency the day of your audition, please contact the office ASAP.

Make up auditions will not be granted after the audition date.

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